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My 3 ring binder has a Flux Capacitor

Since my declaration of blogging once again, I’ve found myself waiting for that perfect, blog-worthy … [Read More...]

Updated Schedule/Pricing

Schedule: Updated 5/12/2017 Wednesday 7:00 p.m.: Light Integrated Flow (@Tula Yoga and Jiu … [Read More...]

The Yoga Life

I’m sitting on my living room floor as I write this. I got a sprite, giggling little six-month-old … [Read More...]

Set goals, not intoxicated resolutions

If you have some resolutions/goals (I prefer to call them goals) in mind for 2016, and you'd like … [Read More...]

Gentle, Reflective Resolutions

Inward, gentle, self-reflection. In yoga philosophy it referred to as Svadhyaya or self-study. Of … [Read More...]