Faith Dare: A New Heart

It’s been years since I’ve taken part in a small group Bible study. With my child being who she is, and my evening yoga teaching schedule, being part of a small group just hasn’t happened. In my search to add a study to my life, I discovered Women’s Bible Cafe, an online Bible study group. So far, I’m enjoying the fellowship and support. The current study is from a book called Faith Dare. Day one has brought to the surface what I’ve been sensing in my life.

My terribly fragmented, disjointed, self-reliant heart.

But wait a minute, isn’t self-reliance what yoga is all about? Maybe for some, but not for me. Not anymore. There have been times, yes, when I’ve turned to yoga rather than God. But let’s not blame yoga. Because there have been times when I’ve turned to food, or relationships, or external things too.

Here is why I believe Yoga and a total dependence/faith in God can co-exist. Yoga is like self reflection and meditation in motion. When I discover a new muscle action or a new alignment point in my body, my mind becomes open to what my body has to say. When I get myself into a pose and focus on my breath, in the silence I can feel emotions arise. When I can sit quietly and dismiss busy thoughts, I can start to hear the yearning of my spirit.

Yoga helps me to be mindful of the brokenness in my body, heart, mind and spirit. It can help me recognize the places in my heart that are fragmented or hollow. It can help me see my stone-cold heart, and invite a heart of flesh.

Yoga helps to strip away external things and yolk together body, heart, mind, and spirit with God.

Part of the study is journaling. I hate journaling, but I love blogging. So here you have it! Above was what today’s truth is speaking to me.

God is asking me to pray and be more mindful of my heart.

He’s challenging me to turn away from self-reliance and have complete faith and trust in Him.


When I visualize opening my heart, I can’t help but think about Uttanasana (Forward Bend) with hands clasped behind the back. I once read that this action was a physical representation of surrendering head to heart. If God lives in my heart, it’s more like a complete surrender to God. signiture copy copy



  1. Shawnee, I’m not a believer, but I appreciate your heartfelt post for it’s honesty and recognizing how your religious beliefs and yoga complement each other. On another note, I never felt yoga asked me to be self-reliant, rather to be more conscious and to recognize and honor the connection we all have to each other and the world around us. Love your writing.

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