The Yoga Life

I’m sitting on my living room floor as I write this. I got a sprite, giggling little six-month-old lying on the carpet next to me, a spunky five-year-old sitting on the couch watching a show on my iPad. We just made a run to our favorite local coffee shop for gluten free banana bread, hot cocoa and a Fluffy Bunny latte. You know, breakfast.

IMG_20170512_100054My 1100 sq foot home is literally a disaster. On my living room floor right now is an empty suitcase, Candyland, two laundry baskets of folded clean clothes, a Bumbo, baby bouncer, baby play mat, dirty socks, sandals, a stuffed animal and a case full of DVDs.

I’m wearing a day old Storm Trooper t-shirt, and sporting two day old hair. I did at least put on deodorant (aluminum free so I smell like a hippy) and clean underwear. Baby just spit up, and I wiped it up off the floor with a dirty sock. I choose to give myself a slight break, though, as we just got back from vacation a week ago and was then hit with a stomach bug.

Now that I’m starting to hold down food and feel halfway normal, I should be cleaning. But I got to thinking about my blog. My yoga blog. I started thinking about resurrecting said blog and wondering what in the world I have to offer the world through my writing.

I’m a 33-year-old, stay-at-home, yoga-teaching mom. Most days I feel washed out and unaccomplished. Actually, most days I feel torn between sitting on the floor drinking coffee, cleaning and running away to an outdoor adventure.

And then, in the face of my oldest starting kindergarten, I think about what the heck I’m going to do with myself once my youngest goes to school. Teach more yoga? Write that book? Get a job?

And what, friends, do I do with myself right now? I mean for some fun and purpose? I like blogging. I had a somewhat successful food blog at one point. But it got annoying once I had to cut gluten and dairy and corn and soy and sugar (I just ate a real slice of pizza for breakfast. So don’t count me a saint). And my yoga blog in the past has been reflective, offered sequences, body positive, etc. But none seem to stick.

Blog topics I could write on are endless: food, mommy blog, frugal living, yoga, wellness, cleaning and organization, and on and on. The problem is I’m not just one of these things, and these things are pretty well covered in the blogging world. It’s a wonder a new blogger is able to gain any followers at all.

To write about what I know, or where I am in life right now would look like a smorgasbord of half eaten potluck dishes. But when I narrow down my ultimate goal in life right now it’s this:

To live a simplistic and more balanced, authentic, passionate and purpose-filled life.

My heart is so fatigued of trying to keep up in this world. To be more specific I want to live in a clean, organized home, eat real food, spend lots of time outside, watch my pennies, be happy with myself, and weave in my yoga practice.

And, to be even more specific:
-I’m ready to shed stuff and clutter (an ongoing battle), and decorate my home in a way that makes my heart sing.
-Create an outdoor space where I can retreat daily.
-Take care of my body by eating real food and challenging myself physically.
-Go on more outdoor hiking and camping adventures.
-Save money and be frugal by living a more simple life (cooking my own food, diy projects, etc)
-Find new natural beauty routines and products.
-Do yoga.

Maybe that’s what I blog about. All of it. My life. My daily goals. Maybe I don’t confine myself to one topic. Because I am not just one thing.

I’ll call it The Yoga Life.

So, basically it’s really another mommy blog, with yoga and stuff.

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