Yoga: Beautifully, making sense of messy

Untitled-1Life is messy. Beautiful. But messy.

My family and I relocated to a new city two months ago. Well, new as in we haven’t lived here for almost 9 years. Regardless, we’re back in our hometown. The messy part, for me, comes in finding more freelance work and clients, a permanent home, and getting reestablished in a community.

I’m literally a mess.

But, it’s a good and welcomed mess. Thus, the beautiful part. Here we’ve got family, and believe it or not MORE opportunities (If you know anything about Kelso-Longview, you understand the contradiction. Or is it irony?).

It’s possible that our bodies and our yoga practice reflect life in this way.

Even the most beautiful and toned body has issues. No body is perfect. Think about the super strong Crossfitter and all their super-tight muscles. Or the extraordinarily thin super model with weak muscular strength. Or someone like me on a journey of finding healing from medical issues.

Our bodies are a mess. It’s the inevitable truth.

But yoga is beautiful. Yoga helps make sense of the mess. We get on the mat and we tune in. We can start to sort out and understand our body.

Yoga turns our body into a song and we listen.

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