Time to love this body

yogadiary1aPractice: Core focused flow building into standing postures, including Utitha Hatha Padagustasana.

Inspiration: Yoga=to yolk, union with body, mind, spirit, God.

Life lesson: I am not this body. This body does not define me. It’s a vessel. As much as I want to just totally let go of this body — to forget about it, I can’t. Because yoga won’t let me. It’s a union of body, mind and spirit.  Yoga is a chance to connect with this body and what it’s capable of — to appreciate bones, joints, muscle. Strength. And brain and heart. Because without this incredibly flawed, diseased body, mind and spirit wouldn’t exist. Wouldn’t be living, experiencing or breathing. Wouldn’t have the opportunity to enjoy my husband, daughter, my life.

So here’s to this body: what it’s capable of, what it will be capable of. It’s time to stop hating. Time to start loving. Time to do yoga. ❤

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