Reap your Bounty

It seems like I’ve been hunting for health and gathering gems of wellness my entire adult life. From successful weight loss late in high school, to battling an autoimmune-thyroid disease, to changing my career focus, yoga has been a reliable ally for me. That’s why I perused teaching yoga; and even though I didn’t realize it when I became certified, that is what peaked my interest in career coaching. I believe everyone deserves to experience their best life – to experience the full bounty this life has to offer.

So what is Bountiful Life?
It’s basically just me doing my thing — sharing what I’ve learned through teaching yoga (see class schedule below) and helping people discover their passions.Soon, I hope to have this website up and running complete with a weekly to bi-weekly blog. Writing is definitely my first passion and I am thrilled to be able to write about yoga, health and wellness! My goal with the blog is to do a weekly recap slash expand-upon what I’ve been teaching in my yoga classes. I also plan to throw in a post about careers, life passions, bettering your situation, etc. So look for that soon.Right now I have my hands full with teaching my first yoga classes. By the New Year I hope to have a handle on juggling my new baby, blog and teaching, at that time I’ll be open to scheduling career coaching sessions.

So who am I exactly?

I’m Shawnee Randolph. I live in Salem with my husband, brand-new daughter and fury-mutt child. I completed my Bachelor’s degree at Corban University and majored in English: Journalism. Out of college I worked in administrative-office type positions and eventually made my way back to Corban where I worked as an admissions counselor for 2.5 years and became a certified CareerMatch ™ coach.

After taking the CareerMatch ™ test myself and talking with my supervisor it was clear that my calling (and by the way, as cheesy as it may sound, my true heart’s desire) was to become a freelance writer/yoga teacher/lifestyle coach. In 2011 I decided to follow my passion for yoga and completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Heartsong Yoga in Beaverton, Or. Now, after leaving Corban and having my baby in April 2012, I am ready to reap my bounty. Come join me!